Free for all Non-Profit Organizations aka. NPO users. (.mil/.gov/.int/.edu/.LEA/.NL/and many others upon request)
This offer is not suitable for profitable businesses or defense/government contractors.

CICB v1.xx Instructions (For full instruction video please CLICK HERE)
  1. Please go to WebPortal and register an account (could be a different email address for security purpose).
  2. (NPO users only) Send your WebPortal account information (username, email, business name, and intents to use) to [email protected] via your origination email address. (e.g. [email protected])
  3. Download and installing the software, it should pop up a setting form, make sure you only fill out the form with your WebPortal User(name) and Email, use Num: 0 for NPO users, Num: 1 for retail/business users, then click on the "Free 7 Days Trial" button. You should see a success message as well.
  4. Go back to the WebPortal, then click on step 2, select your username, and then select device# 0, you should be able to see all settings.
  • From the WebPortal -> Device Settings, you may notice the "Expiration" or "Expired" along with other settings MAY NOT reflect on your banner, this is because the verification process still going on, it will reflect on your banner once the process is complete.
  • CICB v1.xx only for a single online/offline computer to use, it is suitable for conference environments (Cybercon), or training environments (ROTC), but it is not designed for SCIF/Off Grid Environment (OGE) to use, it does not support batch deployment.
  • CICB v2.xx supported the SCIF/OGE with batch deployment as well, currently it is under the internal reviewing stage, we will send out an email soon for a public preview in August 2022.

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